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Vintage Computer Festival Europa
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Travel Directions

Well, basicly all you need are the coordinates:

48° 7' 51" North
11° 36' 56" East
But Munich should be easy to find anyway.
Here the VCFe location as Excite map.
The related address is:
Mehrzweckhalle des ESV München Ost
Baumkirchner Straße 57
81673 Munich

From Distant Places


In most cases your plane will unload you at München II (MUC). Once arived (and pass the customs) you may procede by S-Bahn (Schnellbahn) r rental car.

The airport is connected by two S-Bahn relations. The best connecton for the VCFe is the S8 train (Don't worry if you acdently take the S1 train, you'll just get some 20 minutes additional sightseeing). The trains depart every 20 minutes at the airport ralway station located in the central area (Zentralbereich). Just follow the (S)-symbol. The trains run from 4 AM (0400) until 1 AM (0100) and depart in day time at minute 06, 26 and 46. At the 8th station, Leuchtenbergring, you'll have to change the train for S5 or S6 Direction outbound (Stadtauswärts). One more station until Berg am Laim and you're done. You need either a single ride ticket (Einzelfahrschein) at 14.40 Mark, or 8 stripes of the blue multiple trip ticket (Streifenkarte) at 15 Mark. The Streifenkarte is recomended since the remaining 2 stripes are good for an additional inner city ride (single ride ticket value 3.60 Mark). If you arive in a groop of two or more, a partner day ticket (Partnertageskarte für den Gesamtbereich) at 26 Mark may be aprobiate. This ticket is good for a whole day (6 AM to 6 AM) and up to 5 adults (or two adults and 6 minors). Please don't 'forget' to cancel your ticket (complete or the aprobiate number of stripes) - Rides without valid tickets are a crime and will result in a penalty of at least 80 Mark per violator. Cancelation machines are positioned at the station entrance, right beside the escalators. Althrough the fare system is based on trust, they know Lenin and issue random checks.

Using a rental car is a bit more complicated, but if you insist in carrying a lot of bagage (Classic Computers :) it may be have some advantage. The rental car centre is located in an underground level between terminal A and B. Most big rental car companies (i.e. Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, etc.) offer their service. Into the car and out onto the Autobahn A92 Direction Munich (München). Please obey the Speed limit (10 km/h above is o.k., but do you know the calibration of the speedometer of your rental car ?). Especialy within the airport zone speed checks are done on a regular base (Well, our police don't like to interrupt your travel, so you will find the tickets automaticly added to your credit card bill :). A92 will lead you to A9. Still go into direction Munich (Where else ? :). If you're lucky (the automatic speed regulation is off) you may now try to push the excelerator into his natural position - just to realize that this is the stupid real world and not the last release of 'Autobahn Raser' (Famous PC race game where you can roam the Autobahn without police or other slow folks). So stay slow, and go around or below 160 km/h that's 100 mph. You won't gain a lot of time on this short relation (I'll tell you time an place to go fast if you like). Now, stay on A9 until the very end (always straight) to follow direction Salzburg - in fact, you'll have no other choice if you're at the end. You're now at the 'middle Beltway' (Mittlerer Ring), an inner city street. Please merge into the tunnle (a bit difficult, because this spot is a work in progress <G>area since almost 15 years). Follow the road until the Leuchtenbergtunnel - thats the second tunnle you will pass, some 7 km after the Autobahn end. Within the tunnle take the first exit to the right and turn left on the light (48° 7' 57" North, 11° 37' 52" East). Follow the street (Krailer Straße) until the 3rd light and turn again left. You now entered Baumkirchner Straße. Follow the street until number 57. that's on the left side, short before the second light (if you enter a railway underpass you already passed VCFe).

If you arive via one of the regional airports like Augsburg or Nürnberg (Nurmberg) - possible if you arive form within Europe - you may procede via rental car, or train. Feel free to ask for more specific directions.

Sometimes you may get realy cheap offers for transatlantic flights ending in Frankfurt. You should check for special offers of the German Railways - Deutsche Bahn. There are special passes for non European tourists. Also a special low price ticket to be sold only in conjuction with airline tickets (Fly&Rail). Please ask your travel agent. These tickets can be ordered thru the standard systems (START et al.). The ICE high speed train takes some 3 1/2 hours from Frankfurt to Munich - Enjoy a dinner at 200 mph. We don't recomend traveling Frankfurt Munich by car - the route is known to be a single parking lot of 400 km length.


Most long distance trains and all ICE relations terminate at Hauptbahnhof (Central Station). The S-Bahn train will be the easyest way to go. Just follow the (S)-symbol into the underground station. Jump in a S5 or S6 train direction inbound (Innenstadt - Marienplatz/Ostbahnhof). Seven stations and 12 minutes later you'll reach Berg am Laim - thats it.

If your train ends or stops at Ostbahnhof you're almost done. Either catch a S5 or S6 direction outbound (Richtung Stadtauswärts), and ride two stations until Berg am Laim, or take the Tram (Streetcar) number 19 direction Sankt Veit Straße until stop number four, Baumkirchner Straße.

You need either a single ride ticket at 3,60 DM or or 8 stripes of the blue multiple trip ticket (Streifenkarte) at 15 Mark (1,80 or 1 stripe if arived at Ostbahnhof). The S-Bahn ride may be included in your train ticket, since the S-Bahn lines are operated bei Deutsche Bahn. Just ask - and if you buy your ticket ask for 'München - Berg am Laim' as destination station - there's no price difference on long distance tickets.


Now it's getting complicated. Since there are almost as many variatons possible as roads exist, all we can provide is a rough description. Anyway, sooner or later will any German Autobahn lead you to Munich :)

Autobahnen nach München

Once you're in Munich, go for the Mittlerer Ring ('middle beltway' - the thick green one in the picture above) and continue as described here.

In Munich

Public Transport(MVV)

You may reach the VCFe either via S-Bahn (S5 or S6, station Berg am Laim), Tram number 19, stop Baumkirchner Straße or bus number 137 stop Berg am Laim.


Just follow the Mittlerer Ring ('middle beltway') until Berg am Laim Straße. Berg am Laim Straße interchanges at Leuchtenberg Unterführung (Leuchtenberg Underpass). From the north: Exit within the tunnle o the right and turn left at the light (Direction Trudering/Haar). From the South: Don't enter the tunnle at all and turn right at the light (48° 7' 57" North, 11° 37' 52" East). Continue on Berg am Laim Straße until the 3rd light (The street name also Changes for Krailer Straße) and turn left. You now entered Baumkirchner Straße. Follow the street until number 57. That's on the left side, short before the second light.

!!! ACHTUNG !!!
There is almost NO area to park your car at the VCFe. So please consider public transportation.
There are handicaped parking areas. These are not accesable for the general public. Please contact the VCFe gang when you arive.

More Questions ?
Click here and tell us !

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