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John Ellenby

John Ellenby graduated with first class honors from University College, London in 1962 and held a State Studentship during three years in the Research Division of the LSE.

From 1968 to 1974, Mr. Ellenby worked as a Consulting Designer for Ferranti Limited in the United Kingdom as a member of the design team on the Argus 700 multi-processor computer system.

From 1974 to January 1980, Mr. Ellenby held a number of positions at Xerox-PARC in the Computer Sciences Laboratory, Advanced Systems Department, and later as a member of the Corporate Research Staff. During his time at Xerox Mr. Ellenby founded an integrated design, engineering and manufacturing unit and was responsible, amongst other things, for managing the development and manufacture of the Alto II and several high-volume laser printer systems.

In late 1979 he founded GRiD Systems Corporation. As Founder, President and Chairman of GRiD, Mr. Ellenby oversaw the early stages of what has now become the laptop industry. During his time at GRiD Mr. Ellenby led the development of a series of laptop computers, communications servers and software systems and their deployment in applications ranging from field sales automation to mission critical applications in NASA and the White House Communications Agency. Mr. Ellenby left GRiD in 1987 to found the Agilis Corporation, where he served as Chairman and President until 1990. Agilis pioneered wireless networking using innovative low-cost spread spectrum digital radios and their application in a modular computing system. Mr. Ellenby directly supervised the application of Agilis technology in certain mission critical applications.

In 1990 John Ellenby, and his two sons Thomas and Peter, started the project that became the core of his current undertaking, GeoVector. GeoVector develops and fields technology to complement the development of cell phones and other hand-helds into simple to use information appliances capable of retrieving information by pointing.

John Ellenby has held a tenured position as Lecturer in the Computer Science Department of Edinburgh University and a tenured position as Assistant Lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the co-author of a number of issued and pending US and international patents. He is master and owner of an ocean going sailboat fitted out as a floating laboratory and has completed around 25,000 miles of blue water ocean passages.





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