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Vintage Computer Festival East 5.0

Vintage Computer Festival East 5.0

Saturday, Sept. 13th and Sunday, Sept. 14th
InfoAge Science Center
Wall Township, New Jersey

The 5th annual Vintage Computer Festival East will be held on Saturday, September 13th and Sunday, September 14th, at the InfoAge Science Center at Wall Township, New Jersey. The event is sponsored by MARCH and VintageTech.

This is an INDOOR event so it's happening rain or shine!

Lectures both days are from 10:30 AM to about 1:30 PM.

The exhibit hall is open Saturday from about 1:30 PM until 6:00 PM, and Sunday from about 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM.

Admission is $15 for two days, $10 for one day. Free for ages 17 and younger. Parking is free.

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Son of ENIAC Co-Inventor to Speak at VCF East 5.0

Sunday at 11:30 AM, the VCF East guest speaker will be Bill Mauchly, son of ENIAC co-inventor John Mauchly. Bill will talk about his father's life, including some aspects not typically covered by historians and the media.

Build a Replica of the Apple 1 or KIM-1 at the VCF East 5.0

A special event this year is our replica-building workshop sponsored by Briel Computers. You can build a functional replica of the historic Apple 1 or KIM-1 single-board computers. Click here for the Apple session and here for the KIM session. Or you could try to get the real computers for thousands of dollars ... we recommend building your own from the replica kits! It's seriously nerdy fun.

Live Vintage Computer Exhibits, Afternoons At the VCF East 5.0

It's the cornerstone of all editions of the Vintage Computer Festival -- the kick-ass exhibits! We're signing up more exhibitors all the time, so what you see listed here on the VCF web site is only a partial list. You'll have to attend in person to see them all! (Your first time at a VCF? Picture a car show. Picture all the car owners freaking out if you touch anything. Then picture all the car owners giving you a test drive! That's what the VCF exhibit hall is like -- we require all exhibitors to have their vintage computers switched on and running for your enjoyment.)

"Beta" Opening of MARCH - Grabbe Computer Museum at VCF East 5.0

Beginning Saturday at 1:15, and continuing all weekend, VCF East 5.0 visitors can tour the first wing of the new MARCH - Grabbe Computer Museum. Highlights include a DEC PDP-8 (the original "Straight-8" transistor version), Altair 8080, SWTPc 6800, IMSAI 8080, Electronic Associates TR-20 analog computer, and dozens more!

Military Computing & Bell Labs History at the VCF East 5.0

Saturday's guest speakers are Watts Humphrey and Claude Kagan. There are more famous names in computer history, but few are more interesting! Humphrey designed one of the earliest systems leading to client-server for the U.S. Army Signal Corps, while Kagan's career spanned several decades and included a paper he wrote that accurately predicted the future of microcomputers.

Discover the InfoAge Science Center's High-Tech History at VCF East 5.0

Here at the InfoAge Science Center, it's more than just the VCF East venue! InfoAge began life in 1912 as a tech hub for the Marconi America company, was the host of a historic meeting between Armstrong and Sarnoff, and served as America's top-secret radar lab in the 1940s and 1950s. Lots of computer history happened here, too! InfoAge has connections to everything from ENIAC to Hewlett-Packard to Tektronix and more. Heck of a spot to host the VCF, don't you think? Learn all about this history and much more directly from InfoAge founder and CEO Fred Carl.

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