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Vintage Computer Festival East 6.0

Vintage Computer Festival East 6.0

Sept. 12-13, 2009
InfoAge Science Center
Wall Township, New Jersey

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The 6th annual Vintage Computer Festival East will be held on Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th, at the InfoAge Science Center in Wall, New Jersey. The event is sponsored by MARCH and VintageTech.

What is the VCF, anyway? It's a CELEBRATION of pre-modern computers and related technologies. Moreover, VCF exhibits are hands-on -- imagine a car show where you get to drive every car!! It's pretty dull to merely imagine vintage computers doing something, so we require our exhibitors to have live demos all weekend long. (VCF is not a swap meet, but you'll still have a chance to buy some things or even come home with prizes.)

There will be lectures each morning, exhibits each afternoon, and special events throughout the weekend. A detailed schedule will be available soon.

VCF is completely indoors and is held rain or shine. Admission is $10 for one day, $15 for both days, and free for ages 17 and younger. Parking is free. Hours are 10am - 6pm on Saturday and 10am - 5pm on Sunday.

Scroll down to see our increasing list of VCF East special events and news, or select one of the links on the right. For more information contact event producer Evan Koblentz at evan (at)

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Can't wait until VCF East 6.0? Check out this video montage of the exhibit hall from last year's show.



















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Record of 23 Exhibits @ VCF East 6.0

The exhibit hall at VCF East 6.0 will be the largest ever. As of Sept. 8 there are 23 registered exhibits, which means we're officially full! To check out the exhibitor list, please click here.

Souvenir Punched Cards Available @ VCF East 6.0

We commissioned Mike Loewen to make VCF East 6.0 punched cards. The cards were punched on an IBM Model 129 Card Data Recorder (keypunch). The first card was punched manually using the Multiple Punch feature, then automatically duplicated in program mode. These souvenir cards can be purchased for just $1 at VCF East.

Build Your Own PockeTerm @ VCF East 6.0

Vince Briel, already famous among vintage computing enthusiasts for his Apple 1 and KIM-1 replica kits, will bring his latest design to VCF East 6.0: the PockeTerm. It's a small single-board terminal that attaches to most computers giving modern VGA text and PS/2 keyboard I/O just like the old terminals. Most of the VT-100 command set has been emulated and the pass-through serial port gives you the ability to transmit programs via a PC using a terminal emulator. The cost is just $60. Details and workshop registration information are here.

Vintage Computer Music Concert @ VCF East 6.0

There's a new attraction at the VCF East -- a vintage computer musical performance! Four artists from The Hacktory and 8static, along with MARCH's own Bill Degnan on the TTL theremin, will create live music and visuals. Click here for details.

Vintage Technology Book Sale @ VCF East 6.0

New to the VCF East -- the Vintage Technology Book Sale! We'll have a variety of old techie books available for your enjoyment. Pricing is simple: $2 per pound to the nearest half-pound. Proceeds will benefit our sponsoring venue, the InfoAge Science Center. There are books available in 13 categories.

Keynote: RCA Computers of the 1950s @ VCF East 6.0

Ted Hurewitz will discuss his role in the RCA Bizmac and RCA 501 computers designed in Camden, N.J. in the 1950s.

Vintage Computer Consignment Sales @ VCF East 6.0

Buy and sell vintage computer items at the VCF East! This year's edition will include a consignment area. VCF retains 15% of all sales. Buyers: get great deals on great stuff. Sellers: just fill out the form; we do the work. Click here for details.

Tour the InfoAge Science Center and MARCH Computer Museum @ VCF East 6.0

VCF East's venue is the InfoAge Science Center, which has a very rich history in technology going back to 1912. Before re-opening as a science museum, the campus served as a Marconi Wireless station, Navy communications lab, and Army Signal Corps base. Now it houses a computer museum, shipwreck museum, radio/TV museum, military technology museum, and much more. There will be guided tours throughout the VCF weekend, including a visit to our historic satellite dish. Click here for a preview!

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