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Vintage Computer Festival East 7.0

Vintage Computer Festival East 7.0

Saturday, May 14th and Sunday, May 15th
InfoAge Science Center
Wall Township, New Jersey

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The 7th annual Vintage Computer Festival East will be held on Saturday, May 14th and Sunday, May 15th, at the InfoAge Science Center at Wall, New Jersey. The event is sponsored by MARCH and VintageTech.

The doors open at 10:00am each day. Speakers begin at 10:15am and end at 2:00pm. The Exhibit and Marketplace open at 2:00pm. VCF runs to 7:00pm Saturday and 5:00pm Sunday.

VCF is (mostly) indoors and is held rain or shine. Admission is $10 for one day, $15 for both days, and free for ages 17 and younger. Parking is free.

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Can't wait until VCF East 7.0? Check out these video montages of past VCF East exhibits! (and be sure to count how many times you see an IBM keypunch machine being wheeled around!)



















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Record-Setting 23 Exhibitors Register For VCF East 7.0!

Like the headline says: there will be 23 exhibitors at the VCF East 7.0, which is the most ever for this regional edition of the global Vintage Computer Festival series. Our event will be so big this year that the exhibit hall will be split into two adjacent buildings! If you're on the fence about going, then trust me, this is the year. We've already heard from people attending via Denmark and Australia. So do not let a mere time zone or two deter your fun. :)

Teletype 101: Evaluating, Cleaning, Repairing, Connecting

Eventually, in your vintage computing adventures, you'll need to use a teletype machine. MARCH VP Bill Degnan will explain the basics of evaluating, cleaning, repairing, and connecting them, based on the popular Teletype Corp. ASR/KSR-33 series. One lucky attendee with win a complete, serviceable '33 to take home! Other attendees will have an opportunity to buy an as-is '33 for a reduced price.

Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit Workshop

New to the VCF East this year is a build-your-own transistor logic circuit class, led by our in-house mad scientist Dan Roganti. Bring your own tools, make a cool circuit, and have fun!

"The Ballad of Captain Crunch" & Other Tales

This is your chance to hear folk musician Mike Agranoff perform his epic poem tribute to John Draper, as originally published in a 1987 issue of 2600 magazine.

Early Microcomputing in New Jersey & Beyond

Attend this panel discussion to hear the inside story about the New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia hobbyist computer scene of the mid-1970s to mid-1980s -- directly from the people who led the local revolution!

Building, Using, and Selling the Monrobot XI Computer

A first for the VCF: the history of Monroe Calculator Machine Co.'s Monrobot XI, as told by two men who worked there in the 1960s.

Tales of Using An Early Transistor Computer

Here an amazing first-person account of using one of the world's earliest transistorized computers! TRADIC was made by Bell Labs, here in New Jersey, for the U.S. Air Force.

SWTP, Motorola 6800, and the Homebrew Computer Club

Michael Holley was in the middle of the microcomputer revolution in mid-1970s Silicon Valley. Now he's bringing his story to New Jersey.

Computer Development at UNIVAC and Unisys

What was it like making computers at this historic company in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s? Learn all about it from people who were there.

VCF Science & Technology Book Sale Returns!

We introduced a book sale at the VCF East 6.0, and it was a success, so we're repeating it for VCF East 7.0. The book sale will occur Saturday and Sunday while the exhibit hall is open. Grab some good reading for just $1 per pound!

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