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Vintage Computer Festival - Projects

The Commodore 64 Parallel Super-Computer!

The Vintage Computer Festival is planning to unveil the prototype of a massively parallel Commodore 64 supercomputer at VCF X. The hardware and networking design is being finalized and the drivers and software specifications are being developed. Currently, we are in need of sixteen Commodore 64 consoles for the initial prototype. These consoles should be fully functional (including the graphics and sound chips and all interface ports). All contributions will be acknowledged by naming each donated Commodore 64 node on the network in honor of the donor. Once the experimental 16-node cluster is debugged and fully functional, we'll seek to expand the system to the full sixty-four nodes. Those wishing to contribute to the project should send e-mail to

The VCF Archives Library Project

The Vintage Computer Festival will begin the process of cataloguing its vast collection of computer books, manuals, magazines and miscellaneous documents.  Volunteers are needed to assist in this process.  If you would like to volunteer your time for this important project, please send e-mail to Volunteers are rewarded with VCF T-shirts and VIP passes to forthcoming VCF events.










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