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Everybody knows these Buttons, used by 'responsible' web designers to tell their users what they have to use or download to view the site, or to what curious stuff their site is compilant ('Best Viewed with Internet Exploder 99.0 at 1600x1200'). Of course we need them also on the VCFe pages:

Bobby Approved (v 3.1)

Tom approved

Bash shell prompt executing 'morecompatible.txt', with output 'Lynx Enhanced - From the coffers of Eric JohnsonAnimated image with "Lynx Friendly" in a funky font from Rob ParingtonOptimised graphic with image of a Lynx - by Rob Partington
This page is Lynx Enhanced and proud of it.

We rated with RSACi!

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This site abides by the
WIP (Web Interoperability Pledge)

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